Turkey’s Struggle For Stability and the Immense Need For Corporation

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Followers of History have always known the rich, dynamic yet sophisticated past of Turkey as a country which was ruled and lost by many empires since a very long time in most cases the strategic location of itself being the sole cause. Even the last century stands significant in the history of this great nation for changes like the abolition of Khilafa and the abandoning of scholars as ignorant overnight in the late twenties. The sixties and seventies have also got to relate much bitter experiences of its mismanagement under iron hands.

The tamed old scenario met with a dynamic unexpected transformation when the Justice and Development Party lead by R.T Erdogan won the elections with majority votes in 2001. Until now, It has been in power and activated huge development projects and made democracy widely be practiced within the public non like any other governments which had showed up previously. In its last election the AKP had received a vote of 50% which clearly denotes the support of every one of two persons you see in the street as an AKP supporter which also reveals a truth; majority of the public being satisfied about the ruling party. This is no doubt an outstanding achievement by a single party in considerably a short term.  

The recent disagreement between the AKP and the Hizmet Movement has begun to jeopardize the long lived harmony and merely depicted the repeated nature of the country’s bitter history. The Hizmet movement which has been operating in more than a 140 countries worldwide with beautiful slogans like ‘Peace and Humanity’ has also supported the AKP since it’s coming to the power back in 2001. Since then both the bodies have worked hand in hand to lift the conditions of this valiant Nation until the recent past where both the parties had to disagree on certain matters and the swell began to burst when the government had to make a decision to close extra tutorials in order to benefit the children with extra time for social activities. This was a major hit to the movement as it owns about 25% of such tutorials all over the country which was also a major source of human supply into itself.

The Hizmet or famously other way, Gulen Movement is criticized for numerous reasons like placing of its own personnel into government institutions and defense forces, alliance with the Zionists, handling of huge wealth, misuse of religion etc. in the recent crisis it also is said to have threatened the government personnel along with the Prime minister with secretly recorded cassettes of private conversations. The ruling AKP has also expressed its open critics over the Hizmet Movement for such unethical behaviors in a vital instant where it’s supposed to act with more responsibility.

Whatever the rumors and true news are, the recent dilemma has even managed to disturb the country’s economy to a serious extend. This clearly is a threat to the future of Turkey and will continue to remain as long as the problem is settled by the relevant parties very sooner.

There’s no doubt that both these bodies have had a major impact on the growth and development of this country in the recent past. Hence all negativities should be eliminated from both the sides and agree accordingly in order to work together for the betterment of this nation on an instance where there is more expectations and hope for Turkey from many Muslim countries around the world. Or else the current friction would turn in to a perpetual war which would but make way out for foreign powers to play a game within as it was the plight of the past.  


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