The Divided Muslim World: A Brief Outlook

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The world totally is in chaos today, and specially the muslim world. Headlines of daily international news do depict some kind of problem somewhere in the muslim world and many of them yes, manipulate news for their own sakes. However when the words ‘Muslim world’ are pronounced anywhere today it only reminds of a disaster other than tranquility. Let’s shortly find for the reason through this work of mine. 

One of the main action introduced by the final messenger of Islam(pbuh) was to unite vivid ideas and people of various nature under one concept; the concept of peace. Unity was one of which he emphasized the most throughout his lifespan and warned about even after death. Hence the religion of Islam is always been a powerful building tool and ever welcomed by any societies around the world because ‘Peace’ is always a global message and it’s the heal for a sophisticated  society with plural views.

But what we see in the muslim world today is something on the contrary. Burgeoning wars, dictatorship, illiteracy, improper management of wealth, social evils and all types of destructions crossing through your mind. This desperate scenario has confused the world with the concept of Islam. This is no doubt a clever depiction of mass destruction in the social and national structure of them muslim world.

But in my view all these happenings are the  flows of two main sources. One is the withdrawal of the muslims from the constitution of their life, Islam and the other is the unfair and and immoral interference of the west into the muslim world. Had it not been for these reasons  the conflicted muslim world we see today would have thrived a land of peace and prosper.

The muslim world was once glittering with knowledge and inventions. It was when the muslim world had known to be in the golden ages whereas the Europe was in the dark. Throughout this time the muslims offered this world a number of inventions among which a many are even considered to be as basics for today’s technology.  This education they got was due to the encouragement of the religion to explore and grasp the knowledge wherever it was available. But on the contrary we see that today’s muslims are away from the religion and thereby the other sciences. If I have to put it through a simple example, muslims have the food but not the spoon; the resource is available but not the mechanism to consume it. And even in the value aspects of life, muslims are so backward. So much indecent behaviors, extravagance, misusing of the term Shariah and more and more.

The next cause for today’s muslim world to be divided is that the west has started to intrude in to muslim nations mostly the arab nations and taken total control of the political system. The main motive behind this is that the availability of resource that are seen crucial by them and the expansion of commerce. They first find the week links in the muslim world and with the help of it, divide it into particles so that it’s more easier to influence the components of it. This’s what they have been doing since the past century. Then what they simply do is to exploit all the resources by waging wars. It’s as if the more instable the Muslim world is, the more stable the West or the modern day representive of the west, US. 

This was a very short article on the divided muslim world and its causes. I just wanted to pinch your thoughts giving up the reasons that I found using my limited knowledge, and I’m sure that such a topic would deserve pages rather ending with a pinch.

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