A Wrap of Love for the Fleeing Syrian Refugees

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Ahmed (change of name) a young man in his mid twenties works as a barber in one of the busiest streets of Fatih in Istanbul.  He resorted to scissors two years back ever since he had escaped from carrying arms under the regime ’s compulsion in Syria. With traces of sorrow on his face, he acknowledges that ‘it’s hard’ to be away from his family in Latakia but finds sort of relief living here together with his brother’s two sons who do the same job along with him, in a Salon which’s owner is a Turk.

Tragic, disastrous and devastation are the dominant adjectives which can best describe the state of Syrian refugees fleeing the homeland these days. While a very few like Ahmed employ in shops and restaurants in Turkey because of the advantage of their Arabic language, a many other are scattered around as beggars  in the streets of Istanbul and some other major cities.     

Apart from the above two category, there is also a faction who have been escaping to Europe via seaways. On some occasions the horrible voyage succeeds while the rest of the time, the Sea itself disappoints them with an unlikely cuddle of death, like we had witnessed little Aylan Kurdi.  

Human like coals and human like diamonds are tested in such catastrophes. When the hopeless refugees had set foot in the soil of Europe with some hope for a temporary accommodation at its corners, a many of them did give them a big welcoming hug at their places so much so certain government officials opened even their own doors to the fleeing families. On the contrary, there were also some sick minded individuals who wouldn’t like an unexpected visitor tap their door. The media was a witness how they had treated them so bad and harsh.

Let’s compare this state with that of something similar which happened a 1400 years back in the history of Islam. The Meccans who were not treated well by their own people were compelled to migrate to another land where they would be left free to continue with their life without any foreign interference. When it was said to leave to Medina by the Prophet(pbuh), they all started leaving in individuals and bulks, all by themselves without accompanying any of their wealth and belongings, leaving back at Mecca without even the hope to return. Medina gave them a big hug. In addition to a hug, the meccan muhajireen were accommodated in their own houses, those who didn’t have any job were provided with jobs. Some sacrificing hearts of medina who had more than a wife did even divorce one of them to give in marriage with their unmarried brother from Mecca. These acts can be stated as ultimate sacrifice. The ability to make the migrated feel like their own home in a foreign land. This is an undisputedly astounding event in the timeline of history.

Such a hug is a necessity today for those who have migrated from their lands losing all their hopes. Especially in a circumstance where the children and women are psychologically affected to the core witnessing the most awful shades of the war and the consequences  it brought about. Thanks to Turkey and its people who have willingly come forward to care for about 1.8 million Syrian refugees with itself. This is indeed a repetition of the proud past of Islam. This is the brotherhood story of the Muhajireen and Ansaris of today. Hope the world would learn a lesson of love and care from such great nations. 


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Aqmal Ahsan

Aqmal Ahsan

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