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A village, a town and now a metropol. Excelled in oratory, thrived in school. Best high-school experience was being the founder cum-president of the Media Forum. Now away from thousands of miles to learn something worthier. A fairly good reader, writer and have the passion to manage-and always! Hoping something in between the pearl of the Indian Ocean and heart of the Ottomon Empire. 



Kafa Kâğıdı:       


Ahmed (change of name) a young man in his mid twenties works as a barber in one of the busiest streets of Fatih in Istanbul.  He resorted to scissors two years back ever since he had escaped from carrying arms under the regime ’s compulsion in Syria. With traces of sorrow on his face, he acknowledges that ‘it’s hard’ to be away from his family in Latakia but finds sort of relief living here together with his brother’s two sons who do the same job along with him, in a Salon which’s owner is a Turk.

Tragic, disastrous and devastation are the dominant adjectives which can best describe the state of Syrian refugees fleeing the homeland these days. While a very few like Ahmed employ in shops and restaurants in Turkey because of the advantage of their Arabic language, a many other are scattered around as beggars  in the streets of Istanbul and some other major cities.     

Apart from the above two category, there is also a faction who have been escaping to Europe via seaways. On some occasions the horrible voyage succeeds while the rest of the time, the Sea itself disappoints them with an unlikely cuddle of death, like we had witnessed little Aylan Kurdi.  

Human like coals and human like diamonds are tested in such catastrophes. When the hopeless refugees had set foot in the soil of Europe with some hope for a temporary accommodation at its corners, a many of them did give them a big welcoming hug at their places so much so certain government officials opened even their own doors to the fleeing families. On the contrary, there were also some sick minded individuals who wouldn’t like an unexpected visitor tap their door. The media was a witness how they had treated them so bad and harsh.

Let’s compare this state with that of something similar which happened a 1400 years back in the history of Islam. The Meccans who were not treated well by their own people were compelled to migrate to another land where they would be left free to continue with their life without any foreign interference. When it was said to leave to Medina by the Prophet(pbuh), they all started leaving in individuals and bulks, all by themselves without accompanying any of their wealth and belongings, leaving back at Mecca without even the hope to return. Medina gave them a big hug. In addition to a hug, the meccan muhajireen were accommodated in their own houses, those who didn’t have any job were provided with jobs. Some sacrificing hearts of medina who had more than a wife did even divorce one of them to give in marriage with their unmarried brother from Mecca. These acts can be stated as ultimate sacrifice. The ability to make the migrated feel like their own home in a foreign land. This is an undisputedly astounding event in the timeline of history.

Such a hug is a necessity today for those who have migrated from their lands losing all their hopes. Especially in a circumstance where the children and women are psychologically affected to the core witnessing the most awful shades of the war and the consequences  it brought about. Thanks to Turkey and its people who have willingly come forward to care for about 1.8 million Syrian refugees with itself. This is indeed a repetition of the proud past of Islam. This is the brotherhood story of the Muhajireen and Ansaris of today. Hope the world would learn a lesson of love and care from such great nations. 



From where let me start this note I wonder. From the outnumbered graveyards of Gaza and Syria or the butchered bloody huts in Central Africa? The Tahrir which was deceived with its own history or the east china where an iron fist has interfered in a free will? Or is it with little countries like Myanmar or Sri Lanka where the minorities are provoked with despotism? To who to prioritize this condolence amidst of this great global mourning of the muslim world, is my only agony as it has been yours’ for only blood would write what I narrate and not ink.

A man who would have to observe this beautiful earth from the space above would only witness the catastrophes where the mankind runs blood; remember? Like the angels questioned the creator out of ignorance when he would create the mankind, ‘Will you create not a crowd who would run blood?’. He would then perceive it to be those words manifesting throughout the world and then fall in to depression, lose hope and ultimately lose faith. But, a true believer’s case cannot be as so since he has been already guided with the happenings and cause and taught to rely full trust upon the ever eternal. Hence my little trial here is to portrait the silver lining which would be a solace for what the muslim world has been facing presently and the secret behind the divine test.

After the fall of Ottomon Empire in the early part of last century the Muslim nations were all, mostly colonized by the European powers with the help of divide and rule policy. Most of its wealth were exploited and those occupied states found themselves merely as a football being kicked by those powers, no one to take care of and wipe the tears even at the point of suppression and deliberate miss-verdicts of the west as they do today. This had blown up the heart of Ustaz Bediuzzaman who was known as the wonder of the age, to the extend that he says the following “I have tolerated the distress caused to me but the agony which has come over the Muslims has crushed me. I feel every strike that befalls on the Muslim world as striking me first and that’s what makes me crushed. But I see a light. And that’s going to eliminate all my pain and agony if God wills”.

If we were to ponder in to the concept of light here it would clearly reveal us that such a result today will occur because of only three main reasons and they are the material, moral and spiritual progress of the muslims. These causes which Ustaz Bediuzzaman had soundly mentioned a hundred years back in his Damascus sermon is showing its way out little by little within the global muslim community today. To mention some of them, a healthy and steady rise in the crowd of muslims in the western world today who are well informed of the religion and have strict adherence to its moral principles which has attracted a huger community around towards the teaching of Islam. Then muslim countries like Malaysia and Turkey which have shown keen interest In the production sector and conquering of certain areas in the world market. And areas like media and technology are merely flooding with the presence of muslim personalities today who would serve the community, at least who would present and take the positive and negative developments of the community to the world. Along with these even recognitions of various muslims in certain areas like science, technology and many other areas, all have shown a sound potentiality under material progress. There is also an aware and awakening within the present generation muslims who aren’t followers of the traditional teachings but brought up under thought based moderate spiritual learning who have strong religious bases and guidance. Though a minor crowd has been moving away from the religion due to worldly attractions, there is a speed increase in both western and eastern muslim society who would learn the religion in the original outline and adhere strictly and collectively to its preaching. 

Have a look at how Bediuzzaman answers a Russian police who once saw him planning his madrasa to be built in Georgia, in a time the muslim world was scattered and found itself in more than a distressful condition. In a dialogue between them Bediuzzaman says to the police in a sound hope and with a sharp site of a visionary, “Three lights are beginning to be revealed after the other in Asia and the world of Islam. while with you three layers of darkness will start to recede one over the other. This veil of despotism will be torn down and I will come and build my school here”. When the police was astonished at his hope and mentions the Islamic world as fragmented he replies, “Every spring is followed by spring and every night has its dawn. The Islamic world has gone to study, india is a talented child of Islam and it is studying the british high school. Egypt is an astute child of Islam; it is taking lessons in the british school for civil servants. Caucasia and Turkistan are two valiant son of Islam; they are training in the Russian war academy. Yes, when these noble children of Islam have received their diplomas, each will -lead a continent, and waving the banner of Islam-their just and mighty father-on the horizons of perfection, they will proclaim the mystery of pre eternal wisdom inherent in mankind in the view of pre-eternal divine determining in the face of obstinate fate”.

The Ottoman Empire was in decline when he stated this and it was the primary phase of the destruction of the muslim ummah. But for Bediuzzaman it was but a schooling period of this community who will later graduate to achieve a huge victory. Today all what we see around us is nothing but merely a labor pain  of this ummah. Soon it would bring about a good omen of begetting a strong Islamic society.

In fact, all the losses, destructions and pains what we are going through are nothing but transient occurring of this temporary world. Does not the God ask from us in the Quran of our thought of being rightful owners to the heaven without undergoing difficulties? Yes, the torments and calamities befalling on us are but test of the all compassionate one who would like to see us as worthier beings in paradise hence endurance is the only remedy that’s expected from us. And the fruit for our patience will result in victory in both the worlds, in spite of all those planning, in spite of all those adversities.


Following the International Women’s day, The Fikir Adası has chosen the subject of Women for its April issue under various sub branches of discussion. Though I’m a person who is not interested in dragging such a topic to street debate since the quil has dried already and the status has been plainly defined, I will be pleased to hark back on certain aspects with interest to this subject, more in the light of Islam.


The reason for my apathy on this theme as I said was not due to its insignificance but rather the belief of the elevated nature of women as a whole with all her positives and negatives as defined by Islam to the extent that it doesn’t necessitate a further yank. When the Europe had been discussing about the women being human or not and treating them as savages and slaves who deserved the palaces only to feed hungry senses with their flesh, Islam had already spread the heaven under her feet. She was gifted with the right to live when she was buried alive under the dried sands. She was given three fourth preferences over men, in care. To define the best of men, Prophet (SAV) had to base it on women saying, those are who best for their women. Even a dead woman with child on her womb was dignified with the utmost status of being a martyr. Her status is already decreed and well precise. But those who tend to confound with it today are those who expect a benefit of selfishness from her ‘being’, extending from the prisoners of certain traditional practices to the modern day Rome or the west and its followers who concentrate on puffing out the wealth of their elites.  

To confine the entire dignity of the womankind to -one single day in a year is absolutely an imprudent and irrational scheme of thought. Such an initiative in my opinion, definitely does question the equality of her status with the men as a human being since she is merely separated as a different element from that moment as she’s not supposed to be so. Her place and rights are well defined. Her voice has the power to echo equally with that of the men in the social context. Education, social reforming and all such areas have stretched their arms enough to accept her in as they do with men. Thanks to Islam which has shattered all the string around her and brought her to the forefront to stand beside the men which doesn’t fall over me or you to question its certainty in any context.

However, the mankind is obsessed with the transitional worldly matters so much so he forgets the existence of a hereafter and designs all his missions and vision having this worldly life as its boundary, being aware for certain of his limited nature of lifetime. Hence he is made deprived from his absolute and true duty of his life most of the time and found busy more materialistically with insignificant causes.

It’s indisputable that a goat has been created to provide milk, a hen to lay egg and a tree to bare fruit. The cloud assumes job to shower rain, the sun to provide heat and light and even tiniest creatures like flies to clean this world. Each and every creature has been defined with a duty that adorns each of them in their own way. Likewise the humankind has been created and assigned with a superior task to arrive at the purpose of his creation. And among the humankind there are two main subjects who are the Man and woman and each of them has both separate  obligations according to their unique nature of creation which adorns them in their own respectable way. A man according to his features has particular tasks to do and a woman with her certain differing features and characteristics is assigned with certain tasks in her life. They both are like a set of puzzle which absolutes each other pieces with its own ups and downs and finally displays about a beautiful portrait. Each of them complete each other with their unique features and thereby duties accordingly.

The actual clash begins when the duties and responsibilities of those elements are being neglected or miss prioritized with the other. For example the role of a woman is more vital when it comes to a household or family than that of the men, especially in an area like child caring as it’s only a mother who can express that extreme compassion to a child, which also plays a tremendous role in the child’s future. When she tends to involve herself in rest of the activities forgoing her role in the household, she will be neglecting her utmost duty which is so unique and intertwined with her very own faculty as a woman. Though evident as a negligible event, this has high probability to shatter down a vast social structure as we witness today in certain parts of the world. The order should be preserved. It cannot be relinquished for worldly gains as stated above since the creation of man in such a huge, orderly and marvelous universe does not definitely mean to confine him to this transitional world but to prepare him for an eternal life.  And this worldly life is all about duties and those who complete them perfectly will have the prerequisite of attaining with what is promised. But unfortunately, all what happens most of the time in the world of human being is that we act as if we are here to live forever!

Hence, the ultimate goal in this world is to ascertain a peaceful life and thereby to attain a peaceful hereafter. Both men and women when prioritize their tasks according to significance basing not in material gains, they can indeed bring about a healthy society which eventually even produce positive social indexes. Let’s not look at either of the sexes with a finite natured material eye but as pure souls who are equal in the place of God and as task holders who are entitled with the greatest of all the jobs in the world which is to know and introduce their God to their colleagues.

Have you known what makes the fisherman to put all the live Crabs into a basket? The crabs themselves of course! They keep on crawling up, one on another, one on another until no crab spills out, because each of them was an obstacle to another.

Now with the little scenario above, when I ask you to drop a gaze over the muslim community in Sri Lanka, I’m sure that you would have already figured it to be the Islamic Movements among us. These movements are none but unofficial representatives of every muslim in this island. But these have some or however failed merely to prove themselves in the past few years. And on the contrary these have but caused sparks within the community which eventually had not failed to grab the attention of the fellow citizens of this land.

The conflict or un-agreement between us which is in fact a disease of this society springs out from a many reasons. This would only bring about a disaster to the whole body unless the remedy is found and cured. On this month’s Trend, I would like to emphasize on four principles stated by Usthaz Bediuzzaman related with such misconceptions and the due remedies for them.

The first among those principles is ``When you know your way and opinions to be true, you have the right to say, "My way is right and the best." But you do not have the right to say, "Only my way is right." According to the sense of "The eye of contentment is too dim to perceive faults; it is the eye of anger that exhibits all vice;" your unjust view and distorted opinion cannot be the all-decisive judge and cannot condemn the belief of another as invalid”.

The next he says that “It is your right that all that you say should be true, but not that you should say all that is true. For one of insincere intention may sometimes take unkindly to advice, and react against it unfavourably”.

As the third one, “If you wish to nourish enmity, then direct it against the enmity in your heart, and be an enemy of your evil commanding soul. He also stresses that if you wish to defeat an enemy, respond to his evil with good. For responding in evil will increase the enmity and even though he is outwardly defeated, he will nurture hatred in his heart and hostility will persist.

The last principle goes as “Those who cherish rancour and enmity transgress against their own souls, their brother believer, and Divine mercy. For such a person condemns his soul to painful torment with his rancour and enmity. He imposes torment on his soul whenever his enemy receives some bounty, and pain from fear of him. If his enmity arises from envy, then it is the most severe form of torment. For envy in the first place consumes and destroys the envier, and its harm for the one envied is either slight or nonexistent”.

The above were four principles under the fourth aspect among the many of them, which stands as reason for un-agreement among the Muslims and their remedy. No doubt that our movements’ got a lot of heed to take from them.

As Muslims, our collective goal unites us all towards one direction. We all work for the contentment of Almighty God. Mis-opinions are a reflection of a true and nature of the mankind which definitely does manifest the oneness of the God to create the same kind of a creature in differences.  It had always existed in the history of the Mankind, in fact even among the great companions of the Prophet(pbuh). But since our objective is one, it’s not that we should despite over the differences among us but unite on the base of many commonalities. Look how Bediuzzaman puts it so beautifully:

“Your Creator, Owner, Object of Worship, and Provider is one and the same for both of you; thousands of things are and the same for you. Your Prophet, your religion, your qibla are one and the same; hundreds of things are one and the same for you. Then too your village is one, your state is one, your country is one; tens of things are one and the same for you. All of these things held in common dictate oneness and unity, union and concord, love and brotherhood, and indeed the cosmos and the planets are similarly interlinked by unseen chains. If, despite all this, you prefer things worthless and transient as a spider's web that give rise to dispute and discord, to rancour and enmity, and engage in true enmity towards a believer, then you will understand -unless your heart is dead and your intelligence extinguished- how great is your disrespect for that bond of unity, your slight to that relation of love, your transgression against that tie of brotherhood!”  

Yes, how great is our disrespect for that bond of unity?! As I had stated above, the Movements do reflect the aspect of difference among us, I’m a member of the movement which carries the very same idea inspired by me. And my brother, His. Is it all possible that such a thinking pattern should inflict enmity among us rather making way for sharing and collaborating our ideologies towards a positive cause? Hence we must try reflect the maturity in us. Every movement and organizations among us are worthy more than Golds simply because all strive for the betterment of the Human society in the Hereafter seeking his contentment. Therefore every individual and groups among us are worthy to be respected, if it’s the eternal award we are waiting for sincerely.

Love can do what hate don’t. Let’s learn to love, Practice love and teach to love. Let’s not envy our fellow’s advancement as the crabs do but corporate with each other so that all of us can grow together. Let’s walk strait as worthy creatures of this modern civilization, but not as savages. 

Seylan, Tabrobana and Serendib were its ancient names. And now it’s called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and to put it more correct, The Wonder of Asia and that’s the famous, historic, beautiful little Island Sri Lanka. I feel so pleased to share some details in short about my mother country Sri Lanka on this part of the Fikir Adası.

As you may see in the map, Sri Lanka is a beautiful Island located in the Indian Ocean much closer to one of the highly powered Nations in the world, India on its north and a country with a collection of approximately fourteen thousand small islands Maldives, on its south. Its location in the center of the Ancient silk route has also been a vital reason for gaining fame as a country which has cooperated in a greater length in the International trade at those times. 

Talking about the geographical features, Sri Lanka owns some beautiful beaches around its coastal lines which have attracted many tourists from different parts of the world since the reason past. The Central part of Sri Lanka is also famous for its climate which is usually cold throughout the year. A many natives as well as foreigners flow into this part of the country mostly during April when it’s summer. Being cold is not the only reason rather beautiful gardens, huge waterfalls, farms, Golf spots, Horse races, old English bungalows, beautiful Hills and the list continues with all which provide entertainment and relaxation for whoever make their visit here. The high Hills found here are the birth place of the world famous Sri Lankan Tea which also facilitates in earning a high revenue from the agricultural sector to the country. Rubber which is produced in the lower part of the country also can be said as one of the strong agricultural supporter and it should be stated that Tea, Rubber, Coffee and some other plantations were all introduced by the English during the colonial rule before 1948. The lower land area of the country has also been contributing in producing varieties of Rice, Vegetables and Tropical fruits since early times. The monsoon Rains during the two phases of the year and huge rivers like the Mahaweli, Menikganga, Kelani ganga and other rivers are also contributing factors for such plantations.   

Moving back to the History, Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the main places where Buddhism which was introduced by Venerable Mahinda, the son of King Ashoka of india and brought to Sri Lanka during the rule of King Devanambiyatissa . It’s said that two tribes called the ‘Yakkas’ and ‘Nagas’ were the only groups to live on the island before anyone had arrived. After the introduction of Buddhism, this little land has been ruled by many Sinhala (Buddhist) Rulers whom did also show serious interest in the Agricultural and international trade sectors. According to the historians, Muslims arrived on Sri Lanka thousand years back from now from the Arabian region for Trade purposes and were attracted by the rulers and the people of the country for the beautiful way of trade they were practicing. Later on they were permitted to live in even marrying the locals. This is how Islam began to spread in the island as it’s said. It’s also said that Muslims have had a strong relationship during every period with the respective rulers and even been praised and rewarded by the rulers for their sincerity. After the 16th century, the Portuguese first arrived from Europe, attracted by the geographical location of Sri Lanka which was then and now in a strategic point. After a while the Dutch followed them. Finally the British almost invaded the whole land and ruled for almost 150 years. This invasion of course did influence the culture, religion, education and the administration etc. in a great length. Finally, it was the time to gain freedom after the tremendous struggle of many heroic Personalities of our nation, followed by the freedom of India in 1947.       

Since the freedom in 1948, the constitution has been renewed periodically during the rule of different parties accordingly and now it’s being called as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (DSRSL). This is a country with a current population of approximately 21 million having Buddhists at 70%, Tamils 12%, Muslims 8% and Christians at 1-2% according to the official report released 15 years back. In spite Sinhala and Tamil being its official languages, English is widely understood and spoken by many in the country. The geographical administration structure is divided into eight Provinces and 25 Districts. The head of the country being its President (Currently his Excellency, President Mahinda Rajapakshe) and about a 250 elected members of parliament elected by the public contribute in the administration representing their respective electorates. The constitution can be said as somewhat similar to that of the British, despite some alterations being made according to the necessity of the country.   

As far as the Economy of this Wonder of the Asia as it’s so called is concerned, it’s being advancing remarkably and especially after the conclusion of the 30 year old war which took place between the Tamil Tigers and the Government and which was hampering the growth of the country in many angles. The Monitory unit is called the Sri Lankan Rupee. According to the report of 2011, it has a GDP growth rate of 8.2% with the GDP Per Capita of US $2830 whereas inflation and unemployment lies at 4.9% and 4.3% respectively. Textiles and apparel, pharmaceuticals, tea, spices, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, coconut products, rubber manufactures and fish are its main exports whereas the main imports being Textile fabrics, mineral products, petroleum, foodstuffs, machinery and transportation equipment.

The International Monitory Fund has recognized Sri Lanka as a middle income emerging country. Sri Lanka enjoys a free trade agreement with Pakistan, in addition to India. It also has a preferential trade agreement with its south Asian neighbors, which is currently in the process of becoming a free trade agreement. Sri Lanka also benefits from special concessions from China, Korea, Thailand & Bangladesh. It should also be noted that Sri Lanka is one of the strong member of the SAARC Countries with the inclusion of eight South Asian Nations.

It was another great joyous moment for the Lankans when the first ever Highway with the limit of 100KMph was declared open on the beginning of this year, on the south part of the country connecting Colombo and Matara which of course has reduced the travel time from 4 hours to 1.5 hours. The upcoming projects such as the Artificial Island with an area of 15-20 acres, a Seven Star Hotel, three Five Star hotels, a resort with 18 hole Golf course, and the development of the old city Hambantota as a tourist city plus other construction and investment programmes are of course strong signs of a prosperous nation which will possess a strong economic background in the future.   

 Sri Lanka’s culture is related to that of the Asian and more related to India. Despite the colonial rule and the cultural changes that took place thereupon, Lungyis and Sarees are still upright preference for the Lankan men and women respectively, as clothes. Talking about food, well it’s always rice and curry for lunch and other special functions that exceeds all on the table and what makes it more special is its unique spices which have also been playing a vital role in the international business since the past. April 13th and 14th are celebrated by the Sinhalese and the Tamils as the New Year Festival. Tamils also celebrate the ‘Thai Pongal’ and the ’Deepavali’ festivals in two phases of the year. Muslims celebrate the Ramadan and Hajj festivals along with the rest of the Muslims around the world. Christmas is also something celebrated grandly, especially in the Capital city of Colombo despite Christians being less in numbers.  Apart from these, the annual ‘Perahera Ceremony’ which takes place in Kandy, the city situated in the central part of Sri Lanka is also something remarkable. This ceremony contains the Sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha carried in highly decorated Elephants accompanied by whip crackers, Kandyan dancers and fireworks moving along the streets while a large crowd of tourists and locals would have gathered to sight the astonishing moments which is an important ritual of the Buddhists practiced only once every year, during the august phase.  

When the name Sri Lanka is pronounced anywhere, there’s also something which almost suffixes it. That’s the Sri Lankan Cricket. Although Volleyball being its National game, Cricket is something which has yielded Sri Lanka more popularity among the global audience. The Team is also famous for its descent and fair game among the others in the row. This little miracle has connected our paddy fields, streets, cities and even made the homes as mini play grounds where our players start their carrier in the game even before they make their first step to the Nursery, something that can be compared with the Football Mania in Turkey.

Arriving to the conclusion of this part of my article, I have to admit that all the above information is only a brief summary on Sri Lanka as per the magazine’s requirement, for it is a country which means more than what it is depicted here. This final sentence extends an invitation for whoever gets to read this, to visit Sri Lanka at least once in lifetime which would be one of the best Holiday journey to make and a trip that would be never regretted.  

It was the last November when i first arrived here as a Student sponsored by the Turkish government to continue my higher education in a University on condition of passing the Turkish language test at first. Since the very first moment of my arrival, I’ve been learning and adapting myself to each and every aspect of this - once an Ottoman Empire.  And on this edition of the Fikir Adası, I’m going to portrait the unique beauties of Turkey and what it has meant to me so far.

Yes, this was the place which we call the Ottomans ruled for about 600 years with Pride and Justice flavored with incomparable Art and Culture and values all streaming from a well stable and original source, Religion. This basically a Muslim Empire had accommodated even the Jews and Christians allowing them to live free enjoying all the rights that anyone would have. Since the establishment of this domain, it has undoubtedly created a center of attention for the rest of the world making itself being admired for years and years until all came to an end when it collapsed in the year 1923.

The factors which induced me to write this article is not limited. It’s a collection of wonders which keeps on inspiring and attracting me no matter where I go and with whom I mingle with. I’m being taking lessons from all those good side and of course hating the negative. And let me also submit some ideas on how Turkey should be and how to attain its lost Pride in the Global arena.

Turkey is in the middle of Europe and Asia. It can thus be called a complete eastern nation mixed with western culture. Its lands can be compared more to that of the European ones. Its climate is unpredictable and somewhat interesting because sometimes a part of it will be experiencing a heavy snow while the other emits heat . And talking about its people and culture, well it’s something really deep and amazing which I really want to speak here.

Turkey itself is a world. It has different and diverse culture and sometimes even languages and accent when it comes to different areas, which make us call it a group of countries. Kurds who are in the eastern Turkey are known by that name for the use of Kurdish language. And even among the Kurdish language there are different accents. For example, the Kurdish spoken by a Diyar Bakır cannot be understood by some one from Hakkari. And the southern part which consists of places like Urfa, Hatay, Mardin have got people who speak Arabic, may be because the influence of it’s border nations like Syria and Iraq. And at the North in places like Rize near the Black sea there is also a special language spoken called the Laz. This was about the language. Now though not much, the culture also differs from place to place. Especially the eastern Turkey is known for the practice of old traditions like the dances with interesting sounds of voices for weddings and other occasions. The relationship and practice of traditions among families and neighbors is also very strong. The people in Turkey are generally known for their overwhelming Hospitality which makes them more special among the others around. Mostly tourists are used to say these words, “Turks are really good and helpful people”. And of course I have experienced this in many occasions.

When we speak about Turkey, Istanbul is always an unavoidable factor. It can be compared to a heart in a body. It’s one of the crowdest metropolitan city in the world consisting of about 20 million people. What make this modern giant a miracle is its thousands of years old history being an important landmark as well as the capital of many Emperors who happened to rule over. This city was conquered by Sultan Fatih Mohamed in the year 1453 against the Byzantines. Since then a lot of importance were given for Education, Arts and culture, architecture and medicine etc. where as they all were practiced in its original uniqueness and spread to the whole world which makes the modern ‘us’ to astonish at today. Those were the periods that Turkey had played an incomparable leadership role and provided unconditional care with mesmerizing inspiration to the whole Muslim Nations which were under its control and to wherever Muslims lived in the world. And this was the last successful period in the history that Muslims would proudly speak about.

This unique nation is a bridge, neither belonging to Europe neither the mid-east; a bridge which connects both of them. And when there was a set of rules which guided the people who walk on this bridge warning against hatred and indiscipline behavior, the whole world accepted and respected its existence. And the ‘set of rules’ according to me, was the pure religion; the guiding light in many occasions. May be there was a deterioration in it in the past century. But now, it’s again seen in its rise thus making Turkey to play a role of a leader in the region. The modern turkey steps-up day by day by promoting peace and harmony between nations and it’s also in a process of going hand in hand with the west thereby creating understanding between the western nations and that of the east. It surely is on the verge of providing the care of a father to the whole Muslim world in the near future. Again, the precious secret behind this can be elaborated as the fore-mentioned set of pure Rules. I think the Turks would leave trace of a Golden Age again.   

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