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It was the last November when i first arrived here as a Student sponsored by the Turkish government to continue my higher education in a University on condition of passing the Turkish language test at first. Since the very first moment of my arrival, I’ve been learning and adapting myself to each and every aspect of this - once an Ottoman Empire.  And on this edition of the Fikir Adası, I’m going to portrait the unique beauties of Turkey and what it has meant to me so far.

Yes, this was the place which we call the Ottomans ruled for about 600 years with Pride and Justice flavored with incomparable Art and Culture and values all streaming from a well stable and original source, Religion. This basically a Muslim Empire had accommodated even the Jews and Christians allowing them to live free enjoying all the rights that anyone would have. Since the establishment of this domain, it has undoubtedly created a center of attention for the rest of the world making itself being admired for years and years until all came to an end when it collapsed in the year 1923.

The factors which induced me to write this article is not limited. It’s a collection of wonders which keeps on inspiring and attracting me no matter where I go and with whom I mingle with. I’m being taking lessons from all those good side and of course hating the negative. And let me also submit some ideas on how Turkey should be and how to attain its lost Pride in the Global arena.

Turkey is in the middle of Europe and Asia. It can thus be called a complete eastern nation mixed with western culture. Its lands can be compared more to that of the European ones. Its climate is unpredictable and somewhat interesting because sometimes a part of it will be experiencing a heavy snow while the other emits heat . And talking about its people and culture, well it’s something really deep and amazing which I really want to speak here.

Turkey itself is a world. It has different and diverse culture and sometimes even languages and accent when it comes to different areas, which make us call it a group of countries. Kurds who are in the eastern Turkey are known by that name for the use of Kurdish language. And even among the Kurdish language there are different accents. For example, the Kurdish spoken by a Diyar Bakır cannot be understood by some one from Hakkari. And the southern part which consists of places like Urfa, Hatay, Mardin have got people who speak Arabic, may be because the influence of it’s border nations like Syria and Iraq. And at the North in places like Rize near the Black sea there is also a special language spoken called the Laz. This was about the language. Now though not much, the culture also differs from place to place. Especially the eastern Turkey is known for the practice of old traditions like the dances with interesting sounds of voices for weddings and other occasions. The relationship and practice of traditions among families and neighbors is also very strong. The people in Turkey are generally known for their overwhelming Hospitality which makes them more special among the others around. Mostly tourists are used to say these words, “Turks are really good and helpful people”. And of course I have experienced this in many occasions.

When we speak about Turkey, Istanbul is always an unavoidable factor. It can be compared to a heart in a body. It’s one of the crowdest metropolitan city in the world consisting of about 20 million people. What make this modern giant a miracle is its thousands of years old history being an important landmark as well as the capital of many Emperors who happened to rule over. This city was conquered by Sultan Fatih Mohamed in the year 1453 against the Byzantines. Since then a lot of importance were given for Education, Arts and culture, architecture and medicine etc. where as they all were practiced in its original uniqueness and spread to the whole world which makes the modern ‘us’ to astonish at today. Those were the periods that Turkey had played an incomparable leadership role and provided unconditional care with mesmerizing inspiration to the whole Muslim Nations which were under its control and to wherever Muslims lived in the world. And this was the last successful period in the history that Muslims would proudly speak about.

This unique nation is a bridge, neither belonging to Europe neither the mid-east; a bridge which connects both of them. And when there was a set of rules which guided the people who walk on this bridge warning against hatred and indiscipline behavior, the whole world accepted and respected its existence. And the ‘set of rules’ according to me, was the pure religion; the guiding light in many occasions. May be there was a deterioration in it in the past century. But now, it’s again seen in its rise thus making Turkey to play a role of a leader in the region. The modern turkey steps-up day by day by promoting peace and harmony between nations and it’s also in a process of going hand in hand with the west thereby creating understanding between the western nations and that of the east. It surely is on the verge of providing the care of a father to the whole Muslim world in the near future. Again, the precious secret behind this can be elaborated as the fore-mentioned set of pure Rules. I think the Turks would leave trace of a Golden Age again.   

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Aqmal Ahsan

Aqmal Ahsan

A village, a town and now a metropol. Excelled in oratory, thrived in school. Best high-school experience was being the founder cum-president of the Media Forum. Now away from thousands of miles to learn something worthier. A fairly good reader, writer and have the passion to manage-and always! Hoping something in between the pearl of the Indian Ocean and heart of the Ottomon Empire. 



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